The Season Of Letting Go

I know my most favorite season has arrived when I start seeing pumpkin spice lattes added back to the most popular menus, I’m able to wear my most coziest sweaters and scarfs, and most of all the smell of warm pumpkin pie.

Dont get me wrong, I love beach days and backyard BBQ’s, but nothing makes me feel the way the fall season does.  Not only are the vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges my favorite, but there is something about the leaves falling off the trees that tell me to let go of all the unnecessary feelings I have been carrying all year.

I look at it this way …

In order to grow, we must release something we have been holding on to for so long, and that is exactly what the trees show us during the fall season. Letting go means making fall-leaf-carlos-caetanoroom for new ideas, new skills, deeper relationships, and overall growing on a spiritual level.  This process will require some commitment on your part which is forgiving yourself and others. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you must make room for them in your life again. You can simply forgive for your own sanity and let go. It’s best to not cling on to the past, so we can move on and claim what is ours in the near future. 

Some people have a harder time letting go than others. For me, I have trouble with letting go of people. Yes, I’ll admit that it used to be very difficult for me to get over relationships with guys and also friendships. I just couldn’t comprehend how someone could be in you life one moment and it be cotton candy and roses, and all of sudden its nothing. I used to be so hurt by the fact that a person was no longer in my life anymore. As I grew older I realized that it’s part of life. Some people are mean’t to be part of your life for only a season, and it’s time to move on. There is always a lesson behind it though. I’ve definitely improved in that area of my life, because there was always something better that filled that void. Certain things you just grow out of and you need to let it go in order to have something new to take it’s place.

***Decide what is important to you. ***

***Recognize that your giving certain things too much value. ***

***Break down the benefits your getting from it.***

Bring Comfort To Yourself This Season  

As you are letting go of all the unnecessary things that have been weighing on you all year round, provide yourself with some self-comfort. Practicing positive affirmations, recognizing small achievements, or even seeking out anything inspirational will put you in a different mind set. Trust me, it works and I’ve made it a permanent lifestyle. 

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